2019-05-17 10:20:29

Quality Improvements

• FIXED – In reports, set an problem where the Last and -Day filters were off by day.
• FIXED – Fixed an problem where drill down reports weren’t respecting the payee or tag filtering.
• FIXED – Fixed an problem where the Category Summary review wasn’t displaying hidden payees because Include Hidden Payees checkbox was unchecked. It should be checked by default.
• FIXED – Fixed an problem QuickBooks Technical Support Phone Number where the Keep Variety of Back-up Data files preference wasn’t being honored.
• FIXED – Speed up automatically combines dividends with their corresponding buys and converts them one reinvested dividend deal. In this situation, the new deal wasn’t being marked as cleared but should have been.
• FIXED – Fixed an problem where price history for holdings in a new consideration wasn’t getting modified.
• FIXED – Fixed an problem where new records weren’t immediately included with the Speed up Reasoning when Synchronize was turned on.
• FIXED – Fixed several of issues in buy and sell dealings in Individual Mutual Fund and (k) records.
• FIXED – Fixed an problem where IRR calculations were incorrectly using the acquisition time frame instead of the included time frame for Add Share dealings.
• FIXED – Fixed an problem where Remove Share dealings were showing up in the Portfolio – Realized Gain perspective and the Tax Report – Schedule D.
• FIXED – Enhanced the overall stability of Speed up by fixing the variety and crashing conditions clients were encountering.
.. Fix

• FIXED – Fixed an accident that occurred in the All Accounts perspective if an consideration was deleted in data with multiple currencies.
• FIXED – Fixed an accident that occurred if there were holdings without a peace of mind in the portfolio perspective or net worth review. This should never happen, but for reasons unknown several of people’s files were in this state.
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